Clinitas Gel

Clinitas Gel is a liquid gel for the treatment of Dry Eye. It contains carbomer 980, a synthetic polymer and is formulated to produce a transparent, lubricating film covering the cornea and conjunctiva.
  • Carbomer eye gel
  • Available on prescription
  • Recommended for night time use

Product Information

Clinitas Carbomer 0.2% Gel lubricates and moisturises the eye surface. It lubricates the surface of the eye when the eyes feel dry, gritty or sore. These uncomfortable sensations can occur for many reasons, including air conditioning and computer use. In air conditioned rooms tears evaporate more quickly whilst using a computer tends to result in less blinking which also dries the eye. Consequently, the eyes start to feel tired, irritated or sore.

Clinitas Carbomer 0.2% Gel is a transparent gel which protects the eye by forming a moisturising film, giving rapid relief of symptoms. As Clinitas Carbomer 0.2% Gel is a liquid gel, it helps to provide relief from the discomforts of dry eye.