Clinitas 0.2%

Clinitas 0.2% Unit Dose is a preservative free solution of sodium hyaluronate. This product is intended to treat mild to moderate dry eye.
  • Preservative free and suitable for contact lenses
  • Resealable vials (30 x 0.5ml)
  • Available over the counter and on prescription

Product Information

Clinitas® 0.2% is an ophthalmic solution of high-molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, obtained by biotechnological synthesis. Sodium hyaluronate is a substance that originates in mucomimetic solutions, with optimal lubricant properties due to the viscosity of the solutions, that result in a moisturising effect and stabilisation of the tear film. The lubricating, moisturising and protective qualities of sodium hyaluronate relieve irritation, dryness, burning and foreign body sensation due to environmental factors (wind, sun, smoke and dry air), visual stress (excessive light and prolonged use of computers), or mechanical factors (contact lenses use and after ocular surgery) and provides long lasting relief.

The product is preservative free and suitable for use with contact lenses.